+17.5% Chop
+35% Blunt
+25% Chop
+50% Blunt
Damage measures the max potential damage output (in HP) for a given attack with a given weapon. Damage is effected by horse speed, number of targets, whether or not the weapon cleaves, and damage type.
Stamina Damage
Stamina damage measures the max potential stamina damage output (in HP) for a given attack with a given weapon. Damage is effected by horse speed, number of targets, whether or not the weapon cleaves, and damage type.
Stamina damage is the amount of stamina that is lost when an attack is blocked.

If a weapon has "Stamina Damage Negation", then the wielder will receive that percentage less in stamina damage, when they block attacks.
For example:
  • A user is wielding the Heavy Mace, and blocks a Polehammer special attack
  • Polehammer special attack does 38 stamina damage
  • The Heavy Mace has 10% stamina damage negation
  • The 10% stamina damage negation reduces the 38 stamina damage by 3.8
  • The Heavy Mace wielder only recieves 34.2 stamina damage
Range is measured in "Jeoffrey's". Higher range means that the weapon can hit targets that are further away. It also effects the effective damage area in front of the user. A long weapon slashing covers much more ground than a short weapon slashing.
Turn Limit Strength
Turn Limit strength determines how strongly the game will limit turn speeds during an attack. The higher this value, the less the player can turn during an attack.
There are several speed categories, all measured in milliseconds.
  • Holding: The beginning phase of an attack, when the player is lifting (chambering) the weapon. This is a fixed 350ms for all weapons. It is not displayed by default because they are all the same.
  • Windup: The amount of time during the weapon swing that the weapon has no active hitbox. A grunt is sounded when this phase begins.
  • Riposte: Replaces the windup phase when attacking with a riposte.
  • Release: The duration that the hitbox is active.
  • Recovery: The amount of time after the hitbox goes inactive until the player returns to neutral and can perform another action.
  • Combo: When chaining two attacks together, the combo duration effectively replaces the recovery duration.
  • Thwack: Replaces the recovery phase when a weapon with hitstop lands a hit. The release is interuppted and a recovery phase with this duration is used.
An attack consists of multiple phases.

From neutral, these phases are:
    Holding -> Windup -> Release -> Recovery

When attacking during the recovery of the previous attack, there are some modifications to this sequence.
    Holding -> Windup -> Release -> Holding+Combo -> Windup -> Release -> Recovery

Note that the recovery phase of the first attack is gone, and is replaced by a single attack phase which lasts as long as the holding time + the combo time. Meaning that the combo time effectively replaces the recovery time.

When attacking with a riposte the phases are:
    Holding -> Riposte -> Release -> Recovery

Note that the Windup phase has been replaced by the Riposte phase

When using a blunt weapon with hitstop, the recovery phase is replaced with thwack upon a successful hit. This is true in all above scenarios.
Damage and Speed
Damage and Speed statistics were sourced directly from in-game assets.
Range is measured in "Jeoffrey's". A single "Jeoffrey" is the distance the player moves back when a target is struck. To measure a weapon's range, the process was to hug a target, face it perpendicularly, and hit it repeatedly until the target is no longer in range. The number of hits until the first miss is the number of "Jeoffrey's" that represents the weapon's range. This method gives us a resolution of 1 Jeoffrey which means some minor differences in range may not be apparent. Yet. Platyplysm- "I measured these values by striking the tip of the spinning traps on Tournament Grounds until I was pushed out of range by the slight knockback you receive when landing a successful hit."