+17.5% Chop
+35% Blunt
+25% Chop
+50% Blunt
The damage category is measured by taking the values from hitting each class with each attack from each weapon. The data was distilled down to just damage vs vanguard/archer after verifying damage bonuses, and then damage to footman and knights is calculated via the damage type modifiers described in the "Target" section. These are in-game, on-screen, numeric values - and are the easiest to collect and most accurate stats.
Thrown Damage
Thrown damage was measured by hitting each enemy type with each weapon thown, on each part of the body (head, torso, legs). Our team determined that thrown damage works similarly to normal class damage type modiifiers, with BLUNT and CHOP recieving the same respective bonuses. However, there are 3 axes (Battle axe, War axe, and Executioner’s axe), which have no damage type modifier - like a CUT type weapon instead of CHOP.
Speed is currently measured as the time to hit a target at center screen, at point-blank range*. The number of frames from attack input until the visual hit indicator are counted, and then the Windup speed data is displayed as the inverse of the resulting frame data, such that higher is better when displayed on this site. *not all weapons/attacks connect at point-blank range, so those trials were measured after a small step back from target" PolehammerSupremacy - "The method to gather windup speed involved hitting the spinning jousting targets on Tournament Ground, at point-blank range, aiming dead-center. Each attack was video captured at 30FPS. (offline mode - no lag)" In the future we hope to measure this as seperate categories for Windup, active frames, and Recovery.
Range is measured in "Jeoffrey's". A single "Jeoffrey" is the distance the player moves back when a target is struck. To measure a weapon's range, the process was to hug a target, face it perpendicularly, and hit it repeatedly until the target is no longer in range. The number of hits until the first miss is the number of "Jeoffrey's" that represents the weapon's range. This method gives us a resolution of 1 Jeoffrey which means some minor differences in range may not be apparent. Yet. Platyplysm- "I measured these values by striking the tip of the spinning traps on Tournament Grounds until I was pushed out of range by the slight knockback you receive when landing a successful hit."
Torn Banner
We are aware that these methods are not perfect. We would love to put perfectly accurate stats out, but Torn Banner seems completely averse to providing this information. Please let us know if you can provide a better method for collecting speed or range data. The modding SDK may lead to big improvements to precision and accuracy, if the work is put in.
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